Between Dimensions

by Spirituz

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Journey now past multi patterned veils flown,
mystical supernatural worlds are revealed shown,
walking pagan astral pathways through undergrowth,
many crooked twisting tree's reveal their mysteries,
as otherworldly spirits float
through mists in the breeze,
hearing shamanic prayer chanting of 7 directions,
east west north south above below and ether resonations,
unified consciousness interconnecting all dimensions,
twilight zone defining all differences between,
7 chakras occilating all multidimensions perceived,
possible via impossible balance of opposites breathed,
each dimension another shimmering colour seen,
spiraling fractal energies levitate to galactic source,
in forest trance unity of unio mystica spirit and matter force.

Shamanic Poetry By Mystical Voyager


released December 5, 2014

W&P By Gabriel Ordoñez Sanchez
Shamanic Poetry By Mystical Voyager
Mastring By Ka-Sol



all rights reserved


Hypnotica Records Stockholm, Sweden

Hypnotica Records is a label based in the dark alleys of the underground Stockholm society Sweden.
As you might have already figured out we share a passion for the darker and weirder type of psychedelic trance that is inspired from the deep and magical forests of Sweden. After organizing parties since 2001 we wanted to expand and form a new type of record label to release the music we love. ... more

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